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1-Mar-16 Bridgehampton for CanAm 1966
19-Dec-03 Bridgehampton Beta Release
19-Dec-03 Revision 1 update
10-Jun-04 Full release

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Bridgehampton Road Course
Special Readme intro by Steve Smith

Bridgehampton Raceway - CanAm 1966 New York
This Bridgehampton 1966 version includes the Rich deLong graphics update, and special textures for the CA66 mod by gspinning, along with its own readme!
Bridgehampton CanAm 1966
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Bridgehampton Raceway - 1967 New York
The original Bridgehampton 1967. Add Rich's graphics for the complete package.
WITH updated trackinstall.exe
Bridgehampton 1967
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Rich deLong's Graphics Update

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