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The long awaited first track release!
Norisring has been a long time in the works. Throughout the last couple of months of editing time, I've been testing and developing a great 3do making tool that my good friend Christian Wohlfahrt has been making. Now that this tool is nearly completed, the origianl 3do's for Norisring are complete. If yu've ever tried to make a racetrack, and more specifically the 3do's around the racetrack, then you know how challenging the 'pretty pictures' can be.

Norisring, Nuernberg, Germany
Check back here for updates as they become available!

The Norisring is a 1.43 mile street course located in Nuernberg, Germany. Its wide and challenging and is a great track for on-line racing.
This track is made on what once was a Nazi parade grounds. It has a rich history and is currently used for DTM races and many more. The locals have named the Norisring "Little Monaco" because of its challenges.
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Asphalt just a BIT darker can be had HERE!

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