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My track editing project is in full swing.... here's what's in the works!

Check back here for downloads as they become available!

The Norisring is a 1.43 mile street course located in Nuernberg, Germany. Its wide and challenging and is a great track for on-line racing. This track is made on what once was a parade grounds...
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The Loudon Road Course is a 1.6 mile course based on the NASCAR oval. This track is Alison and Nate home track. Both Alison and Nate have provided invaluable data for me to make this track. For such a short track, it has considerable elevation changes and is quite challenging...

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Bridgehampton Race Circuit is now a golf course... the last race was run there sometime in 1998. The first race on Bridgehampton Race Circuit occured in 1957, the same year as the first race at Lime Rock and one year after the third Watkins Glen circuit came into use. The facility had always been somewhat primitive, and development had been limited by the hostility of locals who bought nearby housing on the assurance that the race track "would be going out of business soon anyway".

Our goal is to preserve the 'Bridge' for eternity in GPL, thus keeping a longtime tradition alive! This 2.85 mile track ran over the sand dunes of eastern Long Island near Sag Harbor and was one of the greatest tracks ever built in the US for road racing!

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Yep... you see right! A Slot Car Track. As far as i know, the first of its kind. This track REALLY has the loop in it! Its 3.63 'miles' long, not including the loop. Step into my living room and give it a try!!! Be sure to check out the README first.

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Also in the works are:
Thompson Raceway, Thompson, Connecticut - 2 mile road course
Putnam Park, Mount Meridian,Indiana - 1.766 mile road course

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